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The Cat's Page
This page is dedicated to trivia, local information and hints to keep the cat and his "people" entertained and informed. For the unenlightened, please remember that dogs have owners, but cats have staff!

Are you worried that your cat is getting bored? Not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation? Try KittyTV. Two different DVD's to entertain your cat. Dr Rox's cat, Goldie, loves "The Birds" and will now watch lots of different TV shows!

A yummy treat is a great way to help teach your cat a new or desired behavior, but sometimes it's hard to find a good treat. Here's a new product that the cat licks to get that delicious flavor. Click on Lickety Stik for video & more info. 

Watch a lion being treated for Malignant Melanoma at University of Tennessee Vet School


Does your cat have a drinking problem?

It makes sense that cats, with shorter lives than humans, need to get regular check ups and preventative health care. If you would like some ideas on how to make this an easier process (come on, does YOUR cat really love going to the vet???), watch this video by AVMA. Click on the cat carrier to watch the video. For step by step instructions for carrier selection and how to get your cat more comfortable with their carrier for trips, view this great video by the CatalystCouncil, who also has some excellent videos on handling at the veterinary office to decrease your furry baby's stress.

Did you know that your cat's overactive thyroid may now be controllable with food? For more info, check out our What's New page and look for the bag of Y/D. 

'Lucky' the dog and 'Misty' the cat are in love...
   a heartwarming video of a puppy and cat 
turn up your speakers, the song makes it better


                       For all those, ahem, "fluffy" cats, here's a great gadget, a "Slim Cat" Food Toy.
                            Very affordable and it may keep your  furry friend from eating too fast or moving too little! Click on the kitty at left for more information and to visit the vendor's website. 

Curious about what makes a happy, healthy, indoor cat? Check out the Indoor Cat Initiative for more information!                                                                                                                                                                                 
Want to know how to get your cat
comfortable with their cage or crate?
This can make trips to the vet or travel
anywhere easier for you, and less scary
for your kitty! For the "short" version, click HERE
(For all the details, click on the cat in the carrier.)

What kind of carrier do we recommend?

Hard sides, door on top and on end, and easy to remove the top of the carrier and allow the cat to feel safe sitting in the bottom half. Currently, you can get a Petmate Two Door top load pet kennel for less than $35 on Here's what they look like:

Feed cats in flat dishes. Many cats do not like their whiskers being
touched or pushed back while they eat

The average lifespan of an outdoor-only (feral and non-feral) is about 3 years;
an indoor-only cat can live 16 years and longer. Some cats have been
documented to have a longevity of
34 years.

The best way to teach a cat new behaviors or tricks is with food rewards.
Maybe petting and love. Not yelling, hitting or stern voices.
Hmmm, guess cats are pretty smart, after all. 

Recent studies have shown that cats can see blue and green.
There is disagreement as to whether they can see red.

A cat has 32 muscles
in each ear


Some cats were not handled much as very young kittens (say, 3-7 weeks old) so they didn't get to learn how great it is to be held, petted or cuddled. These cats may take years to learn to "tolerate" such signs of love. They often enjoy just being near you, say on the sofa beside you or on the floor near your feet. A study indicates that holding young kittens as little as 5 minutes every day will help socialize them and make them more comfortable around people.

To communicate you mean no harm
and to help calm a cat down, look
at their face and slowly blink your
eyes one time. They will blink back
at you, as if to say, "Ok, I don't
want to hurt you, either."