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Cobb County Humane Society Low Cost Spay/Neuter Certificates

To use this certificate at ARKLE Veterinary Care you must:

1) Call the clinic to arrange an appointment for your pet's physical examination by a veterinarian at ARKLE Veterinary Care.  We recommend you schedule this exam before the day of your pet's surgery so we can be sure your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia and surgery, and to identify any abnormal conditions that may require additional treatments or expenses before or at the time of surgery.
   If we do the exam the same day as surgery, and find any indications that your pet is sick, has signs of disease, estrus (in heat), pregnancy, obesity, retained testicle(s) or any other condition that would cause them to be anything other than a completely healthy, normal animal, your pet will not have surgery until the abnormal findings have been treated/resolved. These conditions may require additional tests, treatments and /or medications that are not included in the certificate price for your pet's surgery. You are responsible for any additional fees that may result from the presence of any of these conditions in your pet.

2) Provide us with written proof of your pet's current vaccinations from the veterinarian/clinic that administered the vaccines. The document must also include when the pet is next due for each vaccination. This means Rabies (all dogs & cats), Distemper-Parvovirus (DHP-P) and Bordetella ('Kennel Cough') for dogs, and Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia (FVRCP) for cats. If your pet needs any of these vaccinations, they need to be done before the day of surgery.

3) Provide adequate flea & tick control for your pet. If we find any fleas or ticks on your pet, we will treat your pet for the parasites and you will be responsible for an additional fee for this treatment.

4) Provide us with the original copy of the Cobb County Humane Society Certificate no later than the time your pet checks in for surgery. It is not acceptable to bring the certificate in when you come to take your pet home after surgery. The certificate must be in date and properly filled out by the Humane Society.

Click HERE for the additional treatment options form that you will fill out when you check your pet in for surgery.

 We will also talk to you about the following important treatment options that are available for your pet to make their surgery safer and more comfortable:
        o Preanesthetic testing    
        o  IV catheter with fluids given during the procedure 
        o Take-home pain medication. 
These optional services are not included with your certificate and are additional expenses.  If we find any evidence of fleas or ticks on your pet when they are checked in for surgery, we will treat your pet to eliminate any adult fleas and you will be responsible for an additional fee for this treatment. 

Other important things to know about having your pet spayed or neutered:
Your pet will need to be fasted from midnight the night before surgery unless the doctor advises you otherwise.
   * Your pet will usually go home after 4:00 pm the day of surgery
   * Your pet will need to be kept calm and quiet and separated from other animals for the first few days after surgery. 
   * Your pet may not have a bath or go swimming for 10 days after surgery. 
   * Some dogs or cats may need an Elizabethan collar to protect their surgery incision so it can heal. There is an additional charge for the Elizabethan collar.

At ARKLE we want to do everything possible to help you provide your pet the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible. This means we will also discuss additional health care recommendations for your pet if we have not discussed these recommendations with you before.