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   Dog Lovers Page

This page is designed to be a source of helpful information for dog lovers. If you know of a webpage, a bit of trivia or any other special interest info for dog lovers, email it to us. If it seems appropriate we'll add it to the page.

Everybody likes a good treat now & then. Here are tons of recipes for home-made treats for your furry friend. Just be sure the treats don't make up more than 10% of everything your doggie friend eats, and that you have checked with your veterinarian to be sure a particular treat is ok for your pet.

OK, I know we love 'em, but sometimes you just have to decide to laugh rather than get mad or cry. Here's how some dogs make their owner crazy and their owners get even.

Yummy treats are a great way to help teach your dog a new or desired behavior, but sometimes it's hard to find a good treat that isn't fattening. Here's a new product that your dog licks to get that delicious flavor. Click on Lickety Stik for video & more info. 

 July 5, 2012: Looking for a special treat to share with your dog? Try this recipe for Kale Chips from Way healthier than potato chips for you and your pooch!

Having trouble remembering your dog's heartworm and flea/tick prevention? or other medications they don't get every day? Here's a clever idea by one of our clients, Judy, that helps her keep her dog healthy: She puts memo post-its on the inside of the dog food container lid. When she gives the dose of medicine, she removes the post-it. No blackberry, I-Pad or computer needed!

 The Georgia Dachshund Races for DREAM Dachshund Rescue
 is a great summer event every year. For tickets and more information, click on the racing weiner dogs at left. 



'Lucky' the dog and 'Misty' the cat are in love...
   a heartwarming video of a puppy and cat 
turn up your speakers, the song makes it better

If your pet is too full of energy, too smart to lay around and sleep all the time, or you just want to give them (and you) something fun to do, check out the
Canine Ranch in Canton, GA. They offer boarding, agility, flyball, dock diving and frisbee training. For herding breeds they even offer sheep herding! Thanks to Connor and Jake's mom for letting us know about this great resource for dogs! 


May 16-22 was National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Each year, 4.7 million
people are bitten by dogs. Most are children. To learn how to keep those
you love (and everyone else) safe and what to do if a dog bite occurs,
click on the little girl and dog to the left.

Don't feed your dog bones! FDA report lists the top
reasons not to give your dog a bone to chew on!

  Did you know that chocolate is poisonous to your pet? The darker the more dangerous. To learn more, click on the candybar: 

Are you having a problem with the wild geese in your yard? Some of our doggie patients seem to think bird droppings are a delicacy! Unfortunately, this nasty habit can lead to sick pets. If you live in Cobb County and need advice on how to keep the geese away from your yard, check with the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) at 1-706-295-6041 (Game management department). Thanks for the info Nancy!

Everyone always asks "How old is my pet in human years?".
Click on the "clock" to get an answer!

If your dog is over 7 years of age, a little forgetful or less playful, and "he's just getting old", he may be showing early signs of aging changes in his brain. There is a new product called Senilife that appears to be helping these older pets become more playful, remember commands better and generally act like they feel better. Ask us about this supplement the next time you visit the clinic.

"Everybody knows dogs love to run and play-where can I find a dog park?" 

Smyrna currently has two dog parks. Both are fenced and the city works hard to keep these puppy playgrounds nice for us and our pets. Please help them by learning and following the rules.  If you're not sure if a dog park is right for you and your canine pal, this Q&A may help. Canine Behavior-Dog Parks

If you want to check the conditions of the dog park you'd like to visit: Call 678-631-5388 for the Field Conditions Report for the off-leash areas at Burger and Lake Court Parks.

If you have visited either of these parks, you can help your fellow dog-lovers by reviewing the park. Click on the link to the park's name for further information and to see other reviews.

Burger Dog Park is located at: 680 Glendale Pl SE, Smyrna, GA 30080

Lake Court Dog Park is located at Lake Court, Smyrna, GA 30080

Curious about all the great places for people to visit in Smyrna? There may only be two dog parks, currently, but there are a ton of beautiful museums, parks and facilities available to us. Here's a list of them: Smyrna Parks & Recreation