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When your pet has an emergency, your are worried for them. The most important thing during an emergency is to remain calm.  Your pet may sense that you are worried or anxious and start exhibiting anxious behavior. While  you can never be fully prepared for an emergency, knowing what is an emergency and what to do during it will help make you and your pet less stressed.  

If your pet is in need of immediate emergency treatment, please contact the nearest emergency clinic:

Cobb Veterinary Emergency Clinic - 770-424-9157 -630 Cobb Parkway North, Marietta 
Blue Pearl Sandy Springs  - 404-459-0903 - 455 Abernathy Rd, Sandy Springs    
 Blue Pearl Westside Location - 404-649-6333 - 1071 Howell Mill Rd St B, Marietta

There are  Seven things you should know  before an emergency happens with your pet: 
  • The number of ARKLE Veterinary Care. - Make sure the phone number and address are easily available for you to find.  
  • The nearest emergency clinic. -  Locate the nearest emergency clinic to you. Make sure you have their contact information and directions to the facility. 
  • Poison Control:  Contact  1-888-426-4435. -  Good resource when you are not sure if an item is toxic for your pet. 
  • How to perform basic CPR on your pet 
  • How to stop bleeding and apply a basic pressure wrap
  • How to muzzle your pet to keep from biting you.

Who is in charge of your pet while you're away?

You finally got to take that vacation you have always dreamed about or your visiting family for the holidays and have placed your pet in the care of a wonderful friend, family member or pet sitter. You know they will take excellent care of your pet but what happens when your pet becomes ill or has an emergency.   

When preparing for your trip, add these things to your checklist:

  • Call and inform the clinic that you are leaving your pet in someone's else care while gone. 

  • Ask the staff if you are able to leave a credit card on file in the event your pet needs medical care.  This will prevent the who is paying the bill conversation.
  • Fill out an authorization information sheet to leave for your pet's care giver. - This forms makes your wishes expressly known to the medical staff and your pet's caregiver. Send a copy to the clinic to keep in your pet's file. 


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