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File NameDescription / Comment
Atopica for DogsIndications, side effects, and how to give this medication.
Basic Cat Care InformationPDF
Basic Dog Care InformationPDF
Canine Cognitive DysfunctionHow to tell if your dog may be getting senile or "old"
Canine Heartworm Disease-What is it and how to tre
Cocoa Mulch ToxicityFact sheet on a dangerous poison for dogs and cats.
Comfortis Flea Control for DogsInformation for pet owners
Convenia -what is it?
CPP Customized Parasite Prevention BrochureAffordable, customized for your pet, home delivered parasite prevention
Crate Training for Cats- Free Access methodThe short version from the Indoor Cat Initiative.
Crate Training for Dogs
Dog Settle Execises
Environmental enrichment enhances your cat's life
Flea control for dogsIf your dog(and maybe you!) are suffering from fleas, this info will help you get the problem under control.
Flea control-For CatsIf your pets (and maybe you!) are suffering from fleas, this info will help you get the problem under control.
Giving your cat a pillHow to give your cat tablets or capsules
Giving your cat liquid medication
Giving your cat medicine by injection
Giving your dog a pillHow to give your dog a pill. Step by step instructions
Giving your dog liquid medication
Heartworm Disease in Cats
Heartworm Prevention-What's the big deal?PDF-Information on what heartworm disease is and why your pet needs prevention. Why dogs must have a test before starting heartworm prevention.
Help! My cat pees outside his box!If your cat isn't urinating in their litter box, it may be a health problem or a housekeeping problem
Helpful hints for Cat Weight Losspdf
Helping Cats Co-Exist & Introducing a new cat
How to brush your dog's teeth
How to change your pet's food
How to clean pet's ears-general instructionsStep by step instructions with illustration
How to clean your pet's earsClient form w treatment blanks at bottom.pdf
How to get rid of skunk odor on your pet
How to help your cat have pleasant vet visitsAAFP PDF Factsheet
Human Animal Bond: I rescued a humanHeartwarming poem from the animal's point of view
Kennel CoughClinical disease and vaccination information
Leptospirosis InformationClinical disease and vaccine information
Ragweed Pollen and itchy pets8-30-13. Mentions flea control as first step, explains what atopy is, and that ragweed may currently be contributing to pet's itchy skin.
Senilife Fact SheetMedication to help pets slow the aging changes to their nervous system. If your pet is less active, doesn't greet you or is "showing her age" Senilife may help.
Senilife: May help with aging changes in petsA great supplement to slow and possibly reverse the mental changes associated with aging in dogs and cats
Trimming your cat's nailsPictures and description.
Trimming your dog's nails
VetStore Free Shipping Details 11-11-2011
Weight reduction in Pets: A starting pointA good general information sheet with hints on how to help your pet safely achieve a healthy body weight
Zoonotic diseasesLists and describes some of the more common diseases people can get from their companion animals & how to prevent them