Veterinary medicine is advancing on an almost daily basis, providing more information, procedures and treatments that can help your pet. Figuring out how to pay for all the healthcare available for your pet can be intimidating. Being proactive allows you to make decisions and choices before there is a problem with your pet. Preventing a problem from either developing or worsening is better for your pet and your billfold.  If you need to start at the begining, here is a good websites to start on:
Providing at least once a year veterinary examinations and following common veterinary preventative care recommendations, feeding high quality food and ensuring your pet has adequate human companionship, supervision and mental stimulation can all help decrease the total lifetime cost of caring for your pet as well as improve their quality of life.   

Is pet health insurance right for every pet owner? Maybe, maybe not. If you want your pet protected in case they develop a serious health problem, and you are concerned you will not be able to afford the level of medical care you want for your pet, then you need health insurance.  Some insurance policies even provide benefits for preventative health care for your pet! To choose which pet health insurance company is best for you and your pet, we recommend you compare what the different companies offer HERE.

Questions to ask about pet health insurance

1. Are chronic or pre-existing conditions covered?
2. Are some types of health problems excluded?
3. Does this provider cover birth defects or inherited conditions?
4. What is NOT covered by the policy?
5. Does this provider have good ratings at independent websites that review and/or publish customer ratings of pet health insurance companies?
6. Is this insurance available in my state?
7. Is my pet eligible for insurance with this company?(Example: some companies will only issue policies for pets under 7 years of age)
8. Is coverage of preventive care available, and how much does it cost? (Do the math and determine if it is more cost effective to pay for preventative care yourself.)
9. Can I afford the monthly premium, deductible and required co-pay?
10. Does this provider offer multiple pet discounts?
11. Can I use my current veterinarian or is there a “network” of vets for this provider?
12. How is a claim submitted and will my premium change based on how many claims I submit?
13. How is the amount of my reimbursement calculated? Is this consistent with what my veterinarian expects to charge?
14. How long does it take to receive my reimbursement?