ARKLE Veterinary Care, LLC

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We are happy to accept the following certificates:

    Giving Back to the Community & Helping Animals Live Better Lives
We honor the Cobb County Humane Society Low Cost Spay/Neuter CertificatesYour pet must have proof of current vaccinations from the veterinarian/clinic that administered the vaccines. A Doctor's Exam will be required, and is recommended before the day of surgery to identify any abnormal conditions that may require additional treatments or expenses before or at the time of surgery. Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment. Click HERE for more information.


We continue to provide a discounted physical examination and Dr's consultation within the first 7 days of adoption for all dogs and cats adopted from the Cobb County Animal Shelter. ARKLE Veterinary Care has provided this and other services for the last 20 years to help support you, the new pet owner who has chosen to adopt, care for and love a homeless pet that might otherwise not survive.