Seasonal Pet Information

Do you have a favorite season of the year? Does your pet have a favorite season of the year? Does your pet love to play in the snow or roll in the grass?

You may have heard that lilies are poisonous to animals or that during the summer you need to take extra precautions with your pet to avoid heat stroke when outside. Did you know that there are things that can be hazardous to your pet year round? Knowing what maybe harmful to your pet and what to do, may help save your pet's life.

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For more information about year round hazards to your pet, click on the links below.  


Pet First Aid TipsUnderstand when and how to apply basic first aid for your pet.  

Poisonous Plants Page- There are many plants that are harmful to your pet. When ingested these plants can cause severe medical issues for your pet. Pets should be monitored when outside and all indoor plants should be out of reach of your pets.

Foods Poisonous to PetsWe all love to give our pets treats.  For some that includes people food, but what foods are safe for pets.  Just because we can eat it, doesn't mean our pets should.  Animals metabolize foods differently than people, that is why grapes are okay for people but poisonous to dogs and cats. Also what may be okay to feed your dog, may not be good for your cat.

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Summer Pet Care Tips

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Winter Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Winter Pet Care Tips

Ice Melt Poisoning - What is it and how to prevent it in your dog